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  •  www.tvteaches.com is dedicated to advancing children’s education through the use of television programming. My purpose is to promote the use of these programs by parents and educators to further and supplement the teaching of social and academic skills both inside and outside of the academic framework.
  • I am in no way officially affiliated with the programs reviewed on the site and should not be construed as being in any way their official representatives. This is a site made by a parent who has used these shows as a tool in instructing my own children. I have previously recommended them to others by word of mouth, and have created the site in response to feedback from grateful parents who have found my recommendations valuable and have urged me to create a site where these recommendations could be posted publicly so as to benefit the larger parenting community.
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  • All of the things for sale in my online shop are provided via Amazon. The categorizations of shows by level and age recommendations to not necessarily comply to the standards set by any given country or advisory board and are based strictly on my own experience using them with my children. Parents, especially those who are strongly protective of what their kids view should be sure to check for themselves whether the standards for a given show conform to their own viewing standards for their children.