Rebuilding the site after it was hacked

Hi there loyal follower.

Unfortunately the site was recently hit by a Tunisian hacker who destroyed everything on it.  A quick investigation into the matter revealed that many other sites have been attacked by the same hacker. Why do people do such things? Perhaps they get out of it the same thrill as those who burgle or physically violate others – the sheer sadistic pleasure of hurting someone else because they can. Perhaps their own neglect as a child caused them to be spiteful towards a site meant to help parents help their children.

Clearly the person who did this could use some serious help. Who knows if their life might not have been different had they had parents like yourselves who spend their time trying to best educate their child to basic social and moral values. The very fact that you’re here shows that you’re those kind of parents. It’s sad that others like this hacker were so neglected!

I’ve been working to fix all the damage the hacker caused and am preparing to start posting content again.  Please be patient as the site regains its figurative feet.  In the meantime feel free to sign up for the soon to be launched newsletter (there’s a signup form on the individual posts – just click on any post and you’ll see it there at the bottom).  You can also friend me on facebook where I can be found under the name Mo Ebner and I’ll be sure to update you when the site is back up online.