Lamb Chop – a lamb to love

Overview of the show: Lamb Chop is a precocious female lamb; a sock puppet character made by Shari Lewis. Together the two have discussions, sing songs and get into mischief. On her own, Lamb Chop is often a character in other puppet shows and is curious, inquisitive and generally naughty.

This show is primarily for entertainment; Shari Lewis will often teach the puppets lessons about manners or life (such as chores, responsibility and the like) but most watch it for its good-natured humour and funny puppetry.

There are several iterations of Lamb Chop including “The Shari Lewis Show”, “Play Along”, “Charlie Horse Music Pizza” and a number of specials; all are variety shows filled with comedy, singing, skits and sketches.

The Doodlebops – social lessons through songs

Overview of the show: The Doodlebops is a children’s band that performs musical acts and dances. The primary characters are Deedee Doodle; who plays the keyboard and does vocals, Moe Doodle; who plays the drums and is rambunctious, and Rooney Doodle; guitarist.
The Doodlebops could be characterized as a children’s variety show as they act in skits and comedy routines; these performances, while entertaining, also have the aim of teaching social lessons. The target audience is for children 1 and up.
The characters dress up in interesting costumes and encourage the audience to join in the dancing and singing. The show teaches good lessons but the primary value in the show is in its entertainment.

Jack’s Big Music Show – for love of the song

Overview of the show: Jack’s Big Music Show is aimed at toddlers and infants, and features dog-like puppets who sing and dance like a rock band. The main characters are Jack, Mary and Mel, all of whom play a different instrument.

The primary purpose of the show is to encourage a love for music; it is the favorite activity for all of the main characters and every episode features several music videos and new songs. Jack’s Big Music Show is a mixture of entertainment and education – the characters work together to solve problems, teach basic numeracy, literacy, social and motor skills. However, the primary value is in its entertainment – the puppets are amusing, interesting to watch and fun to listen to.