Higglytown Heroes – Real Heroes for our time

Overview of the show: Higglytown Heroes is about the adventures of 4 kids, Eubie, Wayne, Twinkle, and Kip, as well as their pet squirrel Fran. Higglytown Heroes demonstrates to viewers the roles of everyday heroes in life – firefighters, police, doctors, dentists etc – all people who have a positive impact on nearly everyone.

The show is designed around the use of animated matroyshka dolls – a unique artistic style that sets Higglytown Heroes apart from other children’s shows. The plots are simplistic but enjoyable; most involve the four children happening across an incident in town and finding out about how it gets solved and who solves it.

Primary and repeated themes are of cooperation and a curiosity about the world – these short episodes are a positive choice for toddlers.

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