The Koala Brothers – giving a mate a hand

Overview of the show: The Koala Brothers is an Australian cartoon show about two brothers, the koalas Frank and Buster, who live in a small rural town. Together the two of them fly a plane around the outback and solve problems they can spot from the air.

The cast is a menagerie of native Australian fauna, including echidnas, crocodiles, platypi and emus. Each episode, Frank and Buster assist the citizens in the Outback; the major theme of the show is of charity and generosity – to be kind and help out your friends whenever you can. The characters are distinct and very humanly flawed; part of the show is overcoming one’s own foibles in order to be compassionate.

Koala Brothers is a good choice for international audiences especially, as it introduces the aforementioned themes as well as culture and settings.

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