So What IS The Purpose of this Site?!

Whenever I decide to create a blog, or am introduced to one built by someone else, there are always  certain questions that inevitably leap to mind and that in relation to this site, is what I’d like to address in today’s posting.

  •  What is the purpose of the site?
  • Why blog about the topic?
  • Who can such a site benefit? Who’s the target audience and how do they benefit from such a site’s existence?
  • What does the blogger have to contribute that makes it worthwhile to read their blog rather than getting the information elsewhere.

So regarding this site, I decided to blog about the topic of educating through television programs for several reasons. First among them was that people around me were urging me to do so and telling me that the information and experience that I had, gained over years of using TV as a tool with my own kids was valuable to them personally and that my recommendations to them of programs helped their kids in a direct and immediate way. On further researching the topic I realized that no one out there was talking about the subject. I don’t know if this is because people are not using tv as an educational tool, are just not talking about it or are sheepish about admitting it because of the stigmas regarding TV and its ’emptiness’ and use as an ‘electronic babysitter’ and a poor excuse for parenting.  Be that as it may the topic isn’t being discussed online.

A Google search for TV and teaches returned articles about the negative attributes TV programs teach. I won’t deny those exist – but it’s not by any means the whole story. What’s more I highly favor parental involvement in the learning process. As such even negative characters or actions can, under proper supervision and explanation, be beneficial by providing kids with an example of negative behavior and the trouble it can lead to and the punishment it receives.

The intended audience for the site is in the main people who are now where I was a little over a decade ago. Back then I knew about a fair number of educational television programs, this having been a central part of my own upbringing, but I still a) had a limited amount of knowledge and b) was unfamiliar with the many wonderful programs that had come into existence in the years between my own childhood and having children.  Now over a decade later with countless hours of internet, TV and practical research under my belt I want to contribute from what I’ve learned to all those parents out there with kids young enough to benefit from it. Each person is their own world and so if I can help a single child this way it’ll have been worth putting up the blog just for them.

I hope as you read my reviews of programs and discussions of other educational topics on the site you’ll keep in mind the site’s goals

  •  To help parents use TV as a tool to expand and further their kids education
  • To assure parents that TV is a tool and its being bad or good all comes down to how it’s used
  • To save parents the need of trying to guess what shows are good and what kids respond to thanks to the aid of my practical experience with various children
  • To introduce parents and educators to programs that your kids will enjoy and learn from

  For those still concerned with the negative elements of television watching, please refer to my article regarding your qualms about using tv as an educational tool

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