Rebuilding the site after it was hacked

Hi there loyal follower.

Unfortunately the site was recently hit by a Tunisian hacker who destroyed everything on it.  A quick investigation into the matter revealed that many other sites have been attacked by the same hacker. Why do people do such things? Perhaps they get out of it the same thrill as those who burgle or physically violate others – the sheer sadistic pleasure of hurting someone else because they can. Perhaps their own neglect as a child caused them to be spiteful towards a site meant to help parents help their children.

Clearly the person who did this could use some serious help. Who knows if their life might not have been different had they had parents like yourselves who spend their time trying to best educate their child to basic social and moral values. The very fact that you’re here shows that you’re those kind of parents. It’s sad that others like this hacker were so neglected!

I’ve been working to fix all the damage the hacker caused and am preparing to start posting content again.  Please be patient as the site regains its figurative feet.  In the meantime feel free to sign up for the soon to be launched newsletter (there’s a signup form on the individual posts – just click on any post and you’ll see it there at the bottom).  You can also friend me on facebook where I can be found under the name Mo Ebner and I’ll be sure to update you when the site is back up online.

8 Responses to “Rebuilding the site after it was hacked”

  1. Karin Kitaplari Says:

    I’ll right away clutch your rss feed as I can’t to find your e-mail subscription link or e-newsletter service. Do you have any? Kindly permit me realize so that I may subscribe. Thanks.

  2. Alicia Medford Says:

    you’ve got to be kidding with me, right? who are all these nutcases out there? that’s just evil – to mess with someone’s website just for fun. I hope the cyberpolice or whoever catch this guy and string him up by his…well never mind (this is a kids site after all).

    In any case I hope you won’t let this slow you down or mes with your spirit. we parents need to know what’s what in educational tv shows for our kids and you’ve been one of the best I know at doing that. So you keep putting up articles ya hear. And I’ll keep visiting and I’m sure many others will too.

  3. Amy Roberson Says:

    that’s really pathetic. Hackers are a disease and when they attack a kids site it just makes their crime all the worse. I hope your site will be going again soon full steam ahead. There aren’t that many sites about kids educational tv shows and yours is one of my favorites. Good luck rebuilding!

  4. Sherry Alett Says:

    My condolences. I just had my site hacked by I think the same jerk and actually found your site when i was looking for details about the guy (must have been the keywords of Tunisian hacker that did it). I mean I suppose there could be all sorts of Tunisian hackers out there but I have a feeling…is it the guy who uses a number after his nationality and leaves a message offering to contact him about securing your site?

    In any case on the up side it was nice to find your site. I’m a mom of 3 preteens and I can see that your site is going to be a fortuitous (perhaps serendipitous is even more accurate) find for me as I’m big on using TV for educational purposes and I’m always looking for recommendations for good kids educational tv shows. So I’ll be checking back as you rebuild.
    empathizing with you

  5. Arlene Frak Says:

    people who hack people’s personal sites should be thrown in jail. people who hack kid related sites should be kept in jail and people who hack this wonderful site about kids educational tv shows should have the key thrown away once they’re in!
    glad to see you getting back on track again though and overcoming such a horrible experience!

  6. Sandra Dantoni Says:

    it’s a bloody shame considering what a great site you’ve been running, especially considering we’re talking about kids educational tv shows here.
    on the other hand you seem to be picking up the pieces and so all respect to you. Keep up the great work and thanks for having this site!

  7. Jane Lachermeier Says:

    boooooo to the awful person who would do that to a site dedicated to kids educational tv shows but yay for you for bouncing back and putting the site back up. Your loyal fans (yours truly among them) will keep checking back so long as you keep posting
    Thanks for the ideas on kids educational tv shows you discuss in your blog. As a mom I truly appreciate what you’re doing and envy your kids for having such a father!

  8. Shannon Arbuckle Says:

    so sorry to hear they did that to you. What kind of a sicko would do something like that to anyone – especially to a site for kids educational TV?! Way to go on not letting them discourage you. You’re doing a great thing here for parents and kids!

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