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Overview of the show:

Between the Lions is a PBS puppet show designed to encourage reading by employing a plethora of different styles all aimed at dealing with a given episode’s linguistic and social topics. Similar to Sesame Street, the main action in the show focuses around the adventures of a family of lions living in a library (hence the pun is both on the saying ‘reading between the lines’ and the famous lions at the entrance to the NYC public library).  Between scenes, kids are treated to a variety of segments which repeat throughout the series though only a limited number of them will be used in any given show.  Though serious and professional, the show is also highly humorous and adults will enjoy it’s clever spoofs and references even while the kids enjoy the age

The Main Characters

The main characters in the show are the lions themselves.

Theo – the father of the family, Theo always tries to take the opportunity to teach his kids lessons using books. These books then also become the basis for the show’s other educational goal which is teaching whatever sound is the theme of that show. For example in the episode ‘little big mouse’ he reads the kids Aesop’s “the Lion and the Mouse” and words like “little” are taken from the story in the in between segments in focusing on the short ‘I’ sound.   Theo is intelligent and well meaning but sadly often suffers from a typical recurring motif in the world of television which is to make the male dumber than the female. I could go into this at length (and perhaps will in some later piece) but it’s tangential here

Cleo – the mother of the family Cleo is the brains of the bunch and multi-talented as we find out in an episode where she goes to a class reunion and we find out how good she is at such diverse skills as hunting and swatting flies with her tail. As with Theo, Cleo is always reading books to her children (indeed being a designated reader is an important theme of the show and even has its own advertisement at the end of each episode).

Lionel – the big brother of the family. Lionel loves to tease his sister Leona but actually loves her and looks out for her. This tension provides us with quite a number of episodes in which lessons are learned about family and how we treat others.

Leona –  the little sister.  Leona fills the role of the inquisitive learner and in some sense is the one with which young children will most identify. She learns from everyone and everyone is eager to teach her, her parents lovingly and Lionel  from different motivations at different times. But this doesn’t mean Leona’s by any means dumb. Quite the contrary and on quite a few occasions she ends up showing up her older brother such s in the episode farmer Ken’s puzzle in which Lionel keeps lording it over Leona that she’s too young to play a computer puzzle game he’s trying to solve and can’t. In the end Leona solves it and when Lionel, flabbergasted asks her how she’d done it she very primly tells him she wouldn’t know as she’s too young leaving Lionel sputtering in confusion.

There are a host of very important minor characters such as Click the mouse and Heath the thesaurus but I’m hoping to take them up in another later post. If I forget, someone please remind me :- ).

Types of skills the show teaches:

Highlighted Sounds – All the action in every show employs a focused use of the sound being taught in that episode.  For example an episode teaching the “ea” sound might focus on a story in which teaching or meat figure prominently and the “ea” words that can be used when discussing them.

Repeated Vocabulary – new words are used over and over in various contexts so as to familiarize the viewer with its use through employment in different contexts.

Definitions – The characters are often made to appear ignorant of a particular word or topic in order to enable another person to explain it to them.  Usually the questioner is one of the Lion Cubs, especially Leona, but not always.  Similarly, the explainers are usually the adult lions but Heath the Thesaurus often fills that role and Dr. Ruth does the same in her “word freakout” segments.

Printed Text – words often appear in writing on the show either for the viewers as screen text or on signs.  This allows your child to see what the word looks like while they simultaneously hear it pronounced.

Stories – children are introduced to literature by including stories in many of the episodes and having the action revolve around that story.  This also helps boost one of the programs main themes which is to set up a designated reading session for your child.

Songs – It’s no secret what an excellent mnemonic device a good song can be and Between the Lions features many songs designed to teach children rules of language wrapped in a catchy tune. Indeed the two adult lions, Theo and Cleo, even have “secret identities” as singing sensations BB King of Beasts and Tammy Lionette. But before you panic (oh no, am I going to be hearing him sing some TV show theme over and over) I should note that the songs are often quite enjoyable for adults too (ok I’ll admit it – many of them I know better than the kids and are even more likely to begin singing them than they are).

Social Interaction: Between the Lions is constructed much like its PBS predecessor, Sesame Street. There is a main story that runs through each episode featuring the puppets and often humans broken up by various segues that range from the animated to puppets to live people. The segue segments don’t necessarily connect to the main story but all connect to the main academic lesson of that show (for example “the oo sound” or the “short a”). Beyond the academic side of it, however, the story itself almost inevitably deals with a social problem or personal issue that needs to be resolved over the course of the show. Simply by watching on their own, most kids are able to understand the issues under discussion, however if you watch the show with your child you can take care to expand upon the lesson being taught. Discuss the issue being raised, consider all possible answers, find out what your child’s approach to the problem would have been. They can often surprise you with both their insightfulness and their original perspectives on the issue.

Site review:

This award winning show is a must for all preschoolers and that’s the reason that out of the well over 100 shows I plan to deal with on the site over time, I chose to begin with this one.  The show is wonderfully fashioned so that it mixes many elements and achieves just the right balance between them. Children will enjoy it for the stories and songs and jokes at their level while parents will find the allusions to and takeoffs of things within the adult sphere (such as a potato detective who does a perfect Phillip Marlowe impression, a segment on jousting knights which takes off on both Wayne’s World and Sir Gawain of King Arthur’s table

and Dr. Ruth Wordheimer who instead of treating human mating issues here deals with monkey vocabulary problems) amusing and the songs catchy for them as well. Both the social and the academic sides of the show are age appropriate and relevant to all kids.

My kids review:

My children absolutely adored this show to the extent that one of my youngest son’s first 2 word combinations was “watch lions!?” (in fact he got to be quite a bully about it for a time) If I had to pick the 3 shows that contributed most to my kids early linguistic development this would definitely be on that list, if not at the top. Another advantage of the show is that because it spoofs so many other programs on various levels, anyone, from child to adult, can enjoy it at their own level.


I’m sure everyone’s familiar with those birthday cakes where a photograph is scanned on to a page that’s placed in the middle of the cake, often of the child. My kids love those and one of the earliest pictures my daughter chose for her nursery birthday party was the cast of “Between the Lions.” Naturally her classmates were very impressed to see all those cool lions (I believe Theo may have been wearing sunglasses for his pose). Her nursery teacher was more impressed when I explained to them that this show (with which they were previously unfamiliar – maybe they don’t have the show in South Africa, I don’t know) were the reason she was reading words a year before any other kid in the nursery new their abcs.

Similar shows: Leapfrog’s Talking Words Factory Series, Sesame Street, Super Why, Electric Company

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  1. Delbert Radunz Says:

    hello there and thank you for your info – I have definitely picked up something new from right here. Anyway I’m adding this RSS to my email and can look out for a lot more of your respective interesting content. Make sure you update this again soon..

  2. Tara Schnackel Says:

    Your review was great, speaking as a mom of 2 young kids. Between the Lions is an amazing educational TV show and I’m thankful to PBS for airing it and now to you for putting it on a site for kids educational tv shows. Anyone whose never seen this show should make sure to do so. My kids love the lion family (especially the cubs) and the educational effects were very noticeable in helping my kids with their phonics.

    what a terrific idea to share your experience of using educational TV as a parent with other parents. I am bookmarking this site and come back to see what other shows you review.

  3. Noa Craint Says:

    Very well done piece. Good kids educational TV shows are hard to find and this one is a winner. My daughter loves this show. She enjoys playing with words now thanks to the show and trying to find new words by adding and subtracting letters to existing ones.

    I’m happy you’ve created this site for us parents! Educational TV shows are a tremendous tool for helping our kids grow and I hope I can discover other shows (maybe even outside PBS though I’m not holding my breath) which I didn’t know about via your blog. Thanks from the bottom of my heart

  4. Homeschooling Works Says:

    This is a great show. We watched it a few times but could never wake up early enough to catch it lol! Plus we don’t get TV at in our home. I have a five year old now, learning to read and I think this show would be a great plus for us to watch. I will have to find it online.

  5. Sally Wen Says:

    kids educational TV shows of any quality are sadly mostly a thing of the past :-(. between the Lions is the throwback that illustrates the rules. As someone who grew up in the 70s with parents who were big on showing their daughters only good educational TV shows I find myself dismayed as a mother as to what’s out there. If you can introduce me to any new good kids educational TV programs out there that I don’t know about (or tip me off to old tv shows of the same) well, God bless you!

    In any case I’ll mark your site for future visits and here’s hoping…! In any event thanks for making the effort to help other parents.

  6. Nora Metcalf Says:

    Our favorite character on the show is Heath Thesaurus. What a wonderful idea for a name and a character and while he doesn’t appear often when he does he tends to have a catchy song with a lot to teach. I don’t understand why any parents would let their parents waste time on junk television when good kids educational TVshows are out their for the asking if you just know where to look.

    fantastic idea for a blog and one of those times when I find myself saying “I wish I’d thought of that” except of course from your description you have a lot more experience researching kids educational TV shows “live” than I do and also I’m lazy 🙂

    All the best to you and consider yourself “followed”

  7. Donna Hulbert Says:

    a site about kids educational TV shows by a parent – and by a FATHER what’s more?! wow – this should be a unique twist from the usual parenting site. I’ve looked through some of your other articles and we seem to see eye to eye on the issue of kids educational tv so I’m favoriting your site and looking forward to your take on (and tips on) various kids educational tv shows.

    This show specifically I AM familiar with and enjoy watching with the kids. Let’s just say that it’s kind of a pity that the lions set up a Click the mouse fan club (in the lion and the mouse episode) because if they hadn’t I’d have liked to 🙂 Of course I’d also like to blog on kids educational tv shows like you but you’ve beaten me to it and I have enough on my hands with the kids without trying to blog as well.

    Best of luck to ya and I look forward to reading your articles.

  8. Annie Chase Says:

    I’m with Donna 🙂 a father that cares so much about his kids that he blogs on kids educational tv shows…why oh why do you have to be married…?! Well to have the kids I suppose… ;-).

    truly a heartwarming undertaking on your part and I wish you all the best and can only be jealous of your wife for having a husband so into educational tv shows for the kids and your kids for having a dad interested in making sure they get to watch educational tv shows rather than the standard junk out there.

    and like Donna you can now count me among your stalkers. I eagerly await your future insights.
    Annie (divorced) mom of 3

  9. Joanne Cantori Says:

    Hi. I’ve been following your educational TV shows blog for awhile now (from before you were hacked) and I just want to thank you for the marvelous job you’re doing. I decided to chime in on this series in particular because one of my favorite parts about your site (largely possible I assume due to your long experience with kids educational TV shows) is when you give links to similar shows. For this show in particular all your links struck gold. My kids loved every one of the shows you recommended! Thanks so so much

    Keep writing more about educational TV shows that’s all I have to say! And I’ll keep relying on your trusted recommendations.

  10. Alexandra Ivanov Says:

    Great job you’re doing here on your educational TV show blog. Kids educational TV today is unfortunately too dominated by people who put the dollar ahead of the scholar – I’m sure you know what I mean…

    Between the Lions has the things I look for in a kids educational TV show for preschoolers. It instills a love of reading in kids, and introduces them to a variety of literature both new and classic. In addition there are many social and moral lessons to be learned in the program. Phonics and fairness all in one neat package.

    Having enjoyed your writing here and on the other things you’ve done on the site I look forward to your insights on kids educational tv shows in future posts and will be both saving the site and sending it on to my friends. I see you have a facebook like button on your articles which is convenient for me.

    Keep doing the good work!

  11. Rosalia Jackson Says:

    It’s hard to find knowledgeable people on television and education, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

  12. Geraldine Harris Says:

    I’ve felt a personal connection to this show ever since I saw it beyond the fact that I’m a mom highly pro kids educational TV. It’s specifically because as a little girl I grew up in New York and know the library lions alluded to in the show’s title. I spent many an hour in that library enjoying the seemingly endless collection of books there and am happy to find kids educational TV shows that I can use to help my own kids become avid readers in the future (my one daughter to this point is still a bit young now at six months!)

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane and I look forward to visiting this site for more tips on good kids educational tv as she grows older.

  13. Wendy Moralez Says:

    Can I just say what a relief it is to find someone on the internet who actually knows something about using kids educational TV shows as a teaching aid rather than merely as an electronic babysitter! In most reviews I’ve read of kids educational TV shows (generally on sites with people reviewing the DVDs) people are either busy reminiscing about how they had fun watching it as a kid or just generally stating that their kid loved it. In either case I don’t feel that it gives the real “parents view” of the program as an educational TV show for teaching their kids. Your site in reviewing kids educational TV shows from the parents point of view provides me with a refreshing perspective I’m quite grateful for.
    all the luck in the world to you – consider yourself bookmarked!

  14. Andrea Monk Says:

    As a fellow parent (of a kindergartener) I highly recommend Between the Lions. Not only is it one of the top kids educational TV shows out there but it’s also enjoyable for both kids and parents and really helps kids learn to read without the kids even realizing that they’re not just being entertained by a TV show but are learning phonics.

    Way to go on an excellent review of an wonderful show and on your writings on kids educational TV shows in general. may you and your blog continue to grow and prosper.

  15. Carrie Wint Says:

    Awesome review, I like your site.

  16. Nina Banes Says:

    I love everything about this series (well other than maybe Arty smartypants and his smarmy Marmy – they kind of creep me out and the kids aren’t crazy about them either though they do like his “dance in smartypants song) and I’m loving your reviews of kids educational TV shows. You keep posting I’ll keep following and the kids will keep getting introduced to new shows.

    a fellow fan of kids educational TV

  17. Sally Dellon Says:

    Ever since my little one started getting to a reasonable TV watching age I’ve constantly been on the lookout for high quality kids educational TV shows and this is one of the best. I particularly love how the show comes at reading from so many angles with sketches that appeal to all types of TV viewers and songs from various genres.

    Another nice thing about it I find is that while it’s meant to be a kids educational TV show its sophisticated enough that adults can enjoy it too and so you can have your kids watching educational TV while you watch it with them and enjoy it in your own way.

    This is a great review of a fantastic educational TV show and I look forward to browsing through other reviews on your site and coming back to visit as you post more. Well done!

  18. Loreen Kurtz Says:

    I’ll grant you that this is an excellent kids educational TV show (as are the others you’ve reviewed in your impressive and now bookmarked site). My issue with it isn’t in terms of its value as an educational tv show but its timing. It is often broadcast during school hours when kids are in school – which is great for sick kids and homeschooled children but a loss to kids at school who could gain from watching an educational tv show of such caliber. My own solution was to buy episodes of the show on DVD

    I see you’ve provided a link to episodes in your educational DVDs store (a very impressive and clearly handpicked collection of kids educational TV shows by the way – I’ve already got plans to order several titles through you as a thanks for introducing me to them and encouragement for you to maintain this site by seeing that we parents are grateful :-)) where you’ve picked some of the best episodes in the series. My kids come home from school and watch the series then.

  19. Dana Froiland Says:

    Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an very long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Regardless, just wanted to say wonderful blog!

  20. Annie Jainlett Says:

    This is the king of kids educational TV shows! I love the way in which this show naturally takes Sesame Street to the next level. The types of characters are (presumably because they’re Henson creations) similar to the characters kids are already familiar with and much of the style – whether live, puppet or animated – are similar and yet the reading level it takes kids to is higher.

    If your kids love sesame street and you’re into kids educational TV shows Between the lions is the way to go as far as I’m concerned though some of the other programs you link to in your similar shows section are also excellent educational TV shows for kids just starting out learning how to read. All and all a great review that will help parents enhance their kids reading abilities.

    terrific idea to review kids educational TV shows as a parent – you’ve found a fan in me!

  21. Peri Jellis Says:

    A lot of thanks for all your efforts on this site. my child is in fact becoming educated a lot. Your carrying out a useful job.

  22. Rebecca Bourdier Says:

    This layout is very tasteful, and you wrote the subject matter quite well thanks. great site

  23. Tonya Wengler Says:

    That was a informative article. I enjoyed it very much.

  24. Karen Cormack Says:

    Have you ever considered publishing an ebook or guest authoring on other blogs? I have a blog centered on kids educational tv shows and would really like to have you share some stories/information of the sort you share here. I know my readers would enjoy your perspective as a parent, especially as a father, on which educational tv shows you’ve found to be effective with your kids. If you are even remotely interested, feel free to send me an e-mail.

  25. Frieda Downie Says:

    This was a great show to start with. PBS is the king of educational television and Between the Lions ranks right at the top.

  26. Clarice Brannum Says:

    What an amazing kids educational TV show this is, teaching kids how to read through phonics while teaching them why to read – because reading’s fun. Our family particularly likes the musical aspects of the show and my oldest son even once got a word on a spelling test right by remembering the “when two vowels go walking” song. Love your site and have had it bookmarked for awhile. It’s my first resource for finding out about great kids educational TV shows. Thanks for all your hard work.

  27. Amelia Graham Says:

    I love your writing style and am truly enjoying this site.

  28. Deanna Clay Says:

    Great blog, thank you! I really love it!

  29. Opal Park Says:

    When are you going to post again? You really inform a lot of people!

  30. Louise Schall Says:

    Pretty great post. I simply stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to say that I have truly loved surfing around your blog posts. In any case I will be subscribing for your rss feed and I’m hoping you write again soon!

  31. Anna Leibman Says:

    I love the way the show uses both sight words (for example Heath’s song about the ten little words) as well as phonics thereby appealing to kids who learn better in different ways. I think it’s the mark of a good kids educational TV show when the writers understand that not all kids learn well using the same methods.

    I’ve already started checking out some of the similar tv educational shows you suggest via their clips on youtube and I must say I’m impressed by what I’ve seen. Clearly yours is going to be a useful site for me and so I’ve bookmarked it and I’m going to your store right now to check out some of the titles from the series you suggest. As we used to say in the old days – you rock!

  32. Tina Dyer Says:

    Hello.This article was extremely remarkable.

  33. Dorothy Zauner Says:

    To expand on Anna’s point, the thing about Between the Lions that I believe makes it a great educational TV show for beginning readers is that it has a great mix of words of different levels so that on the one hand the child feels familiar with many of the words and proud that they’re able to read them while on the other hand there are always new more complicated words (right up to the level of the word freakouts) to challenge them. Also its very interactive and fast paced which is important for kids educational TV shows in this day and age with kids ever limited attention spans. Thanks for a first rate review and I look forward to visiting you and learning about more kids educational TV shows you may have to recommend.

  34. Polly Barnwell Says:

    Wonderful blog just in on the basis of its topic and name! TV really can teach a lot and the right kids educational TV shows shown to a child in their formative years instead of the fluff mostly shown on the tube can be invaluable. I wasn’t familiar with this show (I don’t know how I missed it as based on the feedback it seems to be a very popular kids educational TV show – then again its been a long break since my first child until now that I’m back) but after reading your review, reading the feedback and checking out your clips I’m definitely going to use you as a resource to find out about kids educational TV shows for my just turned 2 year old son. Thanks for the heads up about this show and I will be checking in regularly here now!

  35. Laura French Says:

    This is a kids educational TV show that gives a wonderful learning base for all beginning readers. It gets a “must-see-TV’ recommendation from me for the high quality production that both educates and captivates kids from 2 and up. I’d highly recommend any parents who haven’t seen this program before to view it with their children. While I’m generally wary of the things passed off as kids educational TV this show mets my exacting standards as, I notice do some of the other shows you’ve recommended – well done! I shall definitely be referring parents I know to your blog and keep an eye on it myself to see what other info you may have for me.

  36. Pia Ferrera Says:

    Thanks for maintaining this wonderful site on kids educational TVshows. I especially like it when you post anecdotes about your kids experience of the TV shows and so I’d just like to note that we have great fun in our family making up our own “episodes” of the regular featured segments. For example if we have chicken for dinner someone might come up with “Chicken Jane is in chili sauce – WE are not in chicken sauce…thank you chicken jane.” The older kids find it hysterical and the younger kids are excited by the fact that we’re talking about something they recognize even though (probably thankfully) they don’t totally get what’s going on :-).

    But that’s what makes Between the Lions such a great educational TV show and a resource for learning – it’s fun at so many levels!

  37. Caitlin Wadding Says:

    lol. Pia’s comment makes me think of our Cliff Hanger inventions where we have Cliff trying all sorts of ways to get off the cliff not mentioned on the show. It allows the kids to express their creativity even after the show’s ceased to be useful for them from a phonics point of view. In my mind THAT’S the proof of a good kids educational TV show – that it grows with the kid and retains educational value beyond the age for which it’s intended.
    Thanks for the great site. I’m a big fan of kids educational TV and a regular follower of yours.

  38. Robyn Kuper Says:

    Speaking as a fellow parent I must agree with you in your assessment of Between the Lions as a wonderfully educational TV show. I’ve found this show to be a fabulous teaching tool for novice readers. The small segments in between the episode’s featured story where words are sounded out phonetically in various ways is superb. It strengthens the sound element while giving visual reinforcement as well. An excellent educational TV show which I can’t recommend enough and I thank you for doing the same and for letting people know about such shows on your blog. I’m saving your site for future reference on kids educational TV and look forward to reading your future musings.

  39. Kelly Aldoriggs Says:

    I am impressed by your writings on kids educational TV I have to say. Very seldom do I discover a blog that’s both informative and entertaining, and let me tell you, you’ve hit the nail on the head. I am really happy that I stumbled across this in my search for kids educational TV shows to show my daughter and have already placed it in my favorites list for a return visit.

  40. Karen Schildgen Says:

    Between the Lions is a wonderful kids educational TV show that teaches kids that it’s cool to read. The use of celebrities and role models within the show is a stroke of genius. For example there’s one show where they have an NBA player teaching the word “dunk.” When something like that happens it turns from just being another kids educational TV show into a kids educational TV show that their older siblings and parents want to watch too and since kids love to emulate their elders behavior it helps keep them eager to watch the show.

  41. Angelina Berky Says:

    My husband and I carefully filter the kids educational TV shows to which we expose our children. One thing which makes Between the Lions such an excellent show (and one not as yet mentioned by the respondents here) is the color issue. As people of African heritage we try to ascertain that what they see makes them feel represented equally with the Caucasian majority usually displayed. Between the Lions is an educational TV show with a strong African base to it. The main characters are (African) Lions, there are African tales told as well as African American figures portrayed thereby enforcing a positive self-image of themselves in addition to the excellent phonics teaching. I definitely give this an excellent rating as a kids educational TV show and enjoyed reading your review of it.

  42. Shauna Vebel Says:

    The most important thing about this as a kids educational TV show is that it sets an example for the kids watching it by making sure that there’s constantly reading going on. Throughout the show words appear and are read by people, puppets and animated characters. Kids learn by example and if their example is that everyone reads they’ll want to do it too. I loved your review of the show and think it’s awesome that a dad would make a weblog about kids educational TV shows. Your kids are really lucky!

  43. Manuela Grinnan Says:

    I think it’s important to ascertain that a kids educational TV show is of a high level of quality before allowing them to absorb it’s content. Between the Lions is a creative kids educational TV show which teaches the fundamentals of reading by means of a selection of fun and entertaining segments featuring Henson’s (of Sesame Street and Muppet Show fame) Muppets as well as animated shorts. It teaches the sounds and structure of words and sentences in a way kids can relate to and enjoy as befits a good kids educational TV show.
    This show is not only fun for kids but for adults as well. I consider it to be one of the best kids educational TV shows available today and urge people to introduce it to their kids.
    I’d also urge people to continue to visit your site as I’ve found many shows here that are high quality and on on my personal educational TV favorites list. High praise for the great job you’re doing!

  44. Greta Komp Says:

    I would just like to let you know how much I learned from your website about available kids educational TV programs out there. I’m bookmarking you and Facebook liking you as well for my parent friends. I’ll be back soon for some more good articles on educational TV shows I can use with my children. Thanks!

  45. Ella Macree Says:

    Between the Lions is a heartwarming educational TV show. I love the fact that the show emphasizes the normalcy of a reading lifestyle. The characters on the show are constantly reading or being read to. At the same time irt promotes an “anyone can learn to read and have fun doing it” atmosphere which is great in an educational tv show. It’s use of repetition to help kids master new sounds and words is great especially when it repeats it in many different formats. The successful use of music and comedy as techniques for holding attention and reinforcing each episode’s lesson is of a level rarely achieved in kids educational tv shows and to be lauded. Thanks for reviewing it on your site and for carrying the torch for quality kids educational TV.

  46. Carla Panicucci Says:

    Between the Lions is THE kids educational TV show par excellence! It will teach your child to read faster than most phonics workbooks out there are likely to! My three year old twins head for the TV as soon as the introductory song rings out amd are hypnotized until the show ends. Most crucially in evaluating its value to kids as an educational TV show, they are then able to sight recognize words from the show when seeing them out of context in some other place. I’m so glad you decided to review this show and that you’re dedicating your time and effort to promoting kids educational TV shows. It reflects well on you as a father!

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